Personalized Movement Profile

A total body movement evaluation that enables our Endurance Consultants to personalize your equipment.

The Process

  1. CONSULT: An Endurance Consultant will discuss your history, activities and goals.
  2. MOVE: Next, we’ll assess your movement and individual characteristics to help personalize your equipment.
  3. LEARN: We’ll fully explain your individual movements, what they mean, and how they relate to your needs.
  4. FIT: Now, we’ll present you with the equipment that best matches your needs and helps prevent injuries.
  5. TEST DRIVE: Lastly, test drive your personalized options and pick what’s right for you!

Do I need an appointment?

There is no appointment needed for your Endurance House Personalized Movement Profile™.

How Much Does PMP Cost?

PMP is always FREE. All day, everyday! It’s the signature service of Endurance House stores!.

Who is PMP for?

Any person that may walk or run or exercise with the next year, anyone who suffers from lower extremity pain and competitors looking for equipment and performance improvement.