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Learn about our signature service, the Personalized Movement Profile!
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Always FREE and no appointment is needed!

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TNR at Reveres Wells Street Tavern

TNR at Revere's Wells Street Tavern

Feb 27, 6:30pm - Feb 27, 8:30pm

Revere's Wells Street Tavern
505 Wells St
Delafield, WI  53018 Map

Meet at Revere's at 6:30 for a fun run through Delafield. Stay for social time and the weekly trivia contest.

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Shake Your Shamrock 5K & 10K

Shake Your Shamrock 5K & 10K

Mar 17, 11:00am - Mar 17, 1:00pm

The Lakeside Supper Club & Lounge
37238 Valley Rd
Oconomowoc, WI  53066 Map

Join Silver Circle Sports Events & The Lakeside for this 5K & 10K run / walk loaded with all kinds of participant goodies. Free beer, shots, music, and a chance for a keg party! Run or walk but shake your shamrocks.... See MoreSee Less

247 interested  ·  60 going
First Call 5K, 10K & 1/2 Marathon

First Call 5K, 10K & 1/2 Marathon

Mar 31, 9:00am - Mar 31, 12:00pm

Sunset Park, S30W28452 Sunset Drive (County DE) Waukesha Map

Get the year started off right with a super fast and flat course. Run the flat and fast out and back Glacial Drumlin trail for an early year PR course and then see if you can crush it at the Last Call in December on the same course.

Bring the kiddos for the free Kiddo's 1K.
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Sometimes it's not about where you're going, it's about where you've been. Every footprint tells a story. At Endurance House Delafield, we're here to help you write the next chapter. We've got the gear and the expertise to help you Redefine Your Possible. #redefineyourpossible ... See MoreSee Less

Sometimes its not about where youre going, its about where youve been. Every footprint tells a story. At Endurance House Delafield, were here to help you write the next chapter. Weve got the gear and the expertise to help you Redefine Your Possible. #redefineyourpossible

Drew and Jack discuss the importance of a good bike fit. For your convenience check out the time stamps and questions below for easier viewing. Don't pay more for the best bike fits in the area! We are currently making bike fit appointments for the 2018 season. Call or email to schedule yours today!

:20 - If someone is shopping for a bike, how do they decide what is the right size bike frame for them?

1:51 - If someone comes in for a bike fit what is one of the first things you do for them to get started?

3:00 - What are the adjustments you can make to get someone comfortable?

4:44 - So if someone only can own one bike, do I want to own a road bike or a time trial bike?

6:54 - Is it feasible to put bolt on aero bars on a road bike? Are there big changes in fit needed to be done to make that comfortable?

8:19 - What are the big differences between road and tri bikes? What are the considerations for riders?

9:50 - In the triathlon community right now there’s a movement to shorten crank length, what’s the idea behind that and is it beneficial?

11:40 - You talked about a different position for long course and short course triathletes. Is it purely based on comfort or are there other considerations?

13:48 - Thinking about road bikes, what are the main problems people come to you with?

14:42 - Do you know when you put a new saddle on if it’s going to work for you?

15:04 - Would a saddle thats comfortable for you on your road bike be comfortable for you on your tri bike?

15:56 - Is it important for men and women to look at different saddle types?

16:52 - So if someone is fit on their bike and they leave the shop should they leave it there at all costs? Or should they change their fit a little?

18:09 - Would you suggest people do fittings in the beginning of the season?
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Bike Fit Q&A With Our Fitter Drew & Coach Jack

19 hours ago

Endurance House Delafield

Try on a pair of Mizuno's at our Tuesday Night Run! Our Mizuno rep will fit you with the Wave Rider and/or Inspire from 6 - 6:30. Run starts at 6:30! Come and see what we're all about! Join our run and have some fun! ❤️👟

TNR - Mizuno NightFeb 20, 6:00pmEndurance House DelafieldThe Mizuno Rep will be in at 6:00 to talk about the Wave rider and Inspire shoes for 2018. Try on and take your favorite for a spin on the short fun run after the presentation at 6:30. All running paces welcome!
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TNR - Mizuno Night

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This is awesome! Mizuno is the ONLY brand I will wear.

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